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Thread: MoP - Leveling cooking to get to the Pandaren Banquet

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    MoP - Leveling cooking to get to the Pandaren Banquet

    If you're not in the beta, time is running out to check out your class and see what's changed.

    Cooking has changed a lot. To get to the new feasts, you're going to have to focus on getting the Way of the Brew leveled up to 600. Cooking is separated into multiple culinary disciplines. It also has its on location hub: Halfhill, in (ZONE).

    The seven disciplines you'll need to level are:

    Way of the Grill - Strength
    Way of the Pot
    Way of the Steamer
    Way of the Oven
    Way of the Wok
    Way of the Brew

    Completing any of them will allow you to obtain 600 cooking, required to craft the Pandaren Banquet Recipe.

    You're going to want to complete most if not all of the initial quests in the hub, but then focus on one tree. In this example, I'll be using the Way of the Brew. It's not too bad, and if you saved the right cooking materials, you should be able to churn through the introductory quests at Halfhill Market very quickly, which will give you a solid handful of Ironpaw Tokens that you can use to expedite your Way of the Brew cooking tree. Note that other trees may be more useful to you, as they offer the foods that buff your primary attributes.

    1. 525- 550 To start, you'll want to have a lot of Ginseng. If you haven't farmed many of them, you can just purchase some with gold at the vendor (NAME). You'll make twenty-five Ginseng Tea. They turn yellow at Way of the Brew lvl 550.

    2. 550-575 Next up, you'll need to craft quite a few Jade Witch Brew, which require two ingredients:

    You can use your Ironpaw Tokens for a few Sack of Witchberries or Sack of Jade Squash. Both have twenty-five per sack, as opposed to the fish and meats which come five a piece.

    3. 575-600 At this point you can now learn the Way of the Brew's Banquet of the Brew. It gives 250 of each player's primary stat for 1 hour. These require a bit more effort:

    4. Finally! You can buy the Recipe: Pandaren Banquet and its twenty-five person version Recipe: Great Pandaren Banquet for 10 Ironpaw Tokens each.
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